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The video keeps playing and people keep watching. And remember going viral doesnt always mean more or better followers. Video player AI and Instagram Reels As for AI and Instagram Reels there are plenty of options. trends formats or challenges that are popular. Use AI just like I did with this article to make your […]
The isnt much research yet about the reach of Instagram Reels and the average watch time of Reels but Meta itself announc that Reels are the most popular format for sharing in DMs. And since sharing is a key engagement component that means engaging Reels are one of the best ways to reach new audiences […]
The algorithm Thats constantly changing adapting to each new feature to see if its valuable to viewers creators or the platform. So if you want to continue growing you will also have to embrace and test new features . Its a matter of seeing what works for you and your viewers. Video player Why do […]
The you fr like bookmark Kirsten Jassies from justK .k February at am minutes reading Did you know that Reels are the way to grow fast on Instagram Yep its true Instagram gives Reels an extra push with their special algorithm just like TikTok. But how does that work Which Reels get that extra push […]
The put the euro sign in your vacancy text. And build an extremely attractive package around it. Only a great package deal will ensure that people consider your vacancy. So describe specifically what you offer . a laptop or company car career opportunities name it all. Immiately. If candidates know where they stand and become […]
The you ne to know about punctuation marks Fri Are Dutch jobs at risk en masse due to AI do Anyone who deals with HR and recruitment is now familiar with the term employer branding . This is mainly about building a strong employer brand with which you attract new talent external employer branding and […]
The if candidates are in the office for round immiately introduce them to the team members. You dont have to create a separate third round for this which many companies do. Another point how much time is there between rounds If the answer is for weeks please take a closer look at your process. You […]
The still wont find the candidates you are looking for.  that you can easily implement. Even or especially if you dont have a marketer for a while. Also read Put the employee first with these employer branding trends for Here are quick wins that will help you lay a solid foundation for your employer branding […]
The have already creat their LinkIn profile and are therefore not link to the new school page. Difficult because you dont always have email addresses to write to former students. Make a call on LinkIn. Use the oldfashion fanfare also via LinkIn. Who is still link to former students Ask your teachers to pass this […]
The former students. Entrance for an internship with a former student if you know where they work. It becomes a lot easier to organize a reunion . For example see where former students work and what they studi. Practical steps to create a LinkIn page Dont have a LinkIn page yet As a training institute […]
The universities and high schools a platform to brand themselves and build a community . Here they can highlight their unique characteristics academically socially and culturally. Administrators of these pages can interact with diverse audiences including alumni current students parents prospective students employers ucators and donors to have valuable conversations. LinkIn company page vs LinkIn […]
The time spDo you want your brand to be rock solid Follow the new masterclass Branding and brand positioning .k like bookmark Trudy Pannekeet from Trudy Pannekeet LinkIn Marketing .k February at PM minutes reading New on Frankwatching BB sales is evolving from sales first to expertise first Fri Comma period apostrophe everything you ne […]