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The algorithm Thats constantly changing adapting to each new feature to see if its valuable to viewers creators or the platform. So if you want to continue growing you will also have to embrace and test new features . Its a matter of seeing what works for you and your viewers. Video player Why do Reels have more reach But why is it that Instagram Reels reaches more people than your own followers unlike posts and Instagram Stories You see it very well for example with Michle an interior stylist on Instagram who grew from to more than million followers by creating Reels. Or take a look at the Reels of the municipality.


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More than views while that is also the number of followers they have. Michle When Instagram Vietnam WhatsApp Database Reels more important than photos I start posting a Reel consistently every day. I start making Reels in which I can be seen. I found that that work better than just showing a room. Templates work very well. I create and it the Reel in Instagram itself. A Reel has a much longer turnaround time than a photo. And if it goes viral you will get a lot of followers. Most social mia users today watch video more than photos and static posts.  by Instagram so it is the chicken or the egg you may wonder.

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When you watch Instagram Reels you see content from accounts Australia Email List dont yet follow. The short video algorithm us to be bas on what you and your friends lik but has now shift to an interestbas distribution or distribution system of content. Instagram can tell from the total viewing time and the total time spent in the app whether Reels is preferr or not. In combination with the algorithm so with the promise that every user will get what they want.

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