Then you will see the logo under Experience

The universities and high schools a platform to brand themselves and build a community . Here they can highlight their unique characteristics academically socially and culturally. Administrators of these pages can interact with diverse audiences including alumni current students parents prospective students employers ucators and donors to have valuable conversations. LinkIn company page vs LinkIn ucation page Actually all functionalities of the ucation page are the same as the company page. The only but major difference is that as an ucation page you can bind your pupilsstudents to you because they can link to your school page on their profile under the Education profile section.


This link is not possible on a company page

The school logo on a personal profile is only visible under Education if The school has a LinkIn ucation page Turkey WhatsApp Number Database the student makes the link to the school page. The people who work there can indicate the school as an employer. . But if the page is not a School page the link under Education cannot be creat. Then you see a gray building. Benefits of the LinkIn ucation page Greater brand awareness through the link of pupilsstudents to their ucation. Certificates or diplomas can be add to students personal profiles. Follow the careers of your former students . Teachers often like to know how their students are doing after school. By being link to the school page on LinkIn it is easier to follow former students. Pupilsstudents are ambassadors for the school.

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Share messages and thus create a greater reach Russia Telegram Number new students and filling vacancies. Former students as references students can serve as examples if you know where they end up. Student Tom from our course is now director of company A. or Carol is a TX speaker on topic A. You can invite former students as guest speakers about a company or a specific topic. Teachers can get practical examples from.

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