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The you ne to know about punctuation marks Fri Are Dutch jobs at risk en masse due to AI do Anyone who deals with HR and recruitment is now familiar with the term employer branding . This is mainly about building a strong employer brand with which you attract new talent external employer branding and retain current employees internal employer branding.  mainly consists of conducting research after which you determine your employer value proposition develop personas and generate referral recruitment.


To be fair those English terms sound good

As an HR manager do you tell people at a birthday party that you are determining the United Kingdom WhatsApp Database value proposition and personas Well that certainly sounds impressive. Employers who want to obtain and maintain an authentic and distinctive position are feeling the pressure increasing. We have to do something with that they shout. The result is that many HR departments are frantically creating an employer value proposition including a why a purpose and core values personas and a communication plan. All incribly hip and cool. And if you do that youre doing great However Focus on the right thing Well like I said it all sounds like a lot of fun. And Im not saying that you shouldnt venture into this either.

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But in practice I often see that


A strong focus on such overthinking is at the expense of the basic Turkey Telegram Number for success. Ask yourself the following Is the foundation of my recruitment process in order If you want your recruitment efforts to succe you ne to have some fairly simple things in place. And as far as Im concern they also fall under the heading of employer branding. But they dont look so hip and happening . And so they become a collective neglect child. That causes problems. Because no value proposition can compete with a shaky foundation of an employer branding strategy. No matter how beautiful it looks. And then you.

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