The judicial examination

But in their live broadcast room, these staff members who have not passed the exam or even have no legal knowledge background can be labeled as “well-known lawyers” and “senior lawyers” and answer the questions of every online fan online. In this law firm. The morning meeting every day is the same as the sales job, “shouting slogans” and “rushing orders”. Every night. We are busy selling and accepting customers, just like a short video sales company. Is this illegal? Can those clients who have concealed their true circumstances and handed over personal information at will be legally protected?

Here are their true stories: Before going to bed at night,

I habitually turned on the live broadcast, and a beauty with “plastic surgery” in business attire and a face-lift injection came into my sight. Her name is Meiyan, she is a live broadcast lawyer at HN Law Firm and a former colleague of mine. At this Cambodia Phone Number Data moment. She is sitting in front of the camera and talking, sounding very professional. But I know that she is not a practicing lawyer and has not even passed the bar examination. Daily morning meeting, a large-scale “knowledge pyramid scheme” Why am I so sure? Because I am too familiar with the quality behind these “lawyer anchors”. A month ago, I also applied for a recruitment case development positionAt HN Law Firm, and received an interview notice soon after. How can B-side product managers grow rapidly? The product and business architecture is

Mainly to layer and sort out the entire business workflow,

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And then abstract the requirements one by one, and map the business requirements to the products in a reasonable way, and finally enable the bus Vietnam Phone Number iness data to flow. Execute, record. And use in the product. View details> I have participated in many interviews before, and most of the interviewers were condescending and cold, but this time I was received by a female supervisor who looked friendly and spoke softly. The interview was very simple. They asked me what jobs I had done before, and then introduced the work content of case source development-actually sales. I used to do telemarketing in the education industry. And they probably took a fancy to this. So they made an offer at that time and let me go to work the next day. Law firms have a dress code and sales staff must wear formal attire. When I walked out of the elevator wearing the newly purchased suit and saw the logo of HN Law Firm, I felt a little excited. A law firm sounds like such a high-end place.

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