The neurons decreases.. The plasticity decreases but it never disappears completely. So you are never too old to learn. Would you like to know more about BDNF and how it keeps your brain sharp I wrote an article about it before . Did you know that older people have advantages in the learning process Later in life they have lower levels of testosterone. This makes them better at impulse control . They have better verbal skills . Their ability to communicate is often better develop.


Older people are less likely to make hasty judgments

They have also become better at solving problems. Older people are less likely to experience Benin WhatsApp Number Database swings which can affect thinking and decisionmaking. They can use their experience to push boundaries when learning new things. Older people are generally satisfi and accept the circumstances . They have had more practice than a younger person in for example excluding negative messages . Older woman wearing trendy glasses Tips for a successful course for the elderly I develop an online course in which more than elderly people participat. The average age was years and the oldest participant was years old. As many as participat in an online course for the first time in their lives. During the introduction we paid attention to various elements. For example How to log.

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Why and how to create a profile

How to join discussions. How to turn on subtitles on a video. We receiv Estonia Phone Number phone call but everyone else found their way. So it pays to calmly explain how something works. tips for a successful course for the elderly . Mix intergenerational and intercultural Working and learning with young people and employees from other backgrounds. The social environment plays an important role in learning. You learn the most from people outside the familiar bubble. Good examples of this are people who think differently people with a different background from a different generation and surprises.


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