This is why digital marketing budgets are set to grow in 2020 and . In this context. Knowing the voices that contribute to the value of the brand and the consumer groups with which they resonate most. Is the real key to generating value on investments. Customer experience wins over the product as a consumer. You’ll know that the number of ways to connect with a brand is constantly increasing and that the path to purchase has become less and less linear. Today. Consumers are able to interact with a brand across a wide variety of channels so it is important that cross-channel strategies are us to enhance their experience . Omnichannel marketing unites all points of customer

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Has confound well-establish brands until recently; the emergence of digitally native brands is adding to the confusion. Driving the allocation of marketing budgets towards younger and younger consumer groups. Whether exploring new platforms like tik tok. Leveraging ugc. Or understanding the impact influencer marketing can have on brand equity. The challenge pos by 2020 is understanding how to adapt brand communications strategies to bring gen z “on board.” ”. While maintaining brand identity and equity with Business database loyal consumers . A recent study by bain & company and farfetch estimates that millennials will represent 40% of the global personal luxury goods market by 2025.

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Trust the opinions they share and deem them more authentic.Therefore. Observing the strategic marketing trends for 2020. It is essential for companies to choose the best level of influencer in relation to the objectives establish for each campaign and the shar values. In order to optimize the impact of the activity and the return on investments . Greater connections with the younger target audience in recent years. The fashion. Luxury and cosmetics industries have been disrupt by the advent of digitally native  TG Numbers brands. Capable of attracting younger audiences with totally direct-to-consumer business models. Understanding generation z and how to reach them

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