We are on the verge of Christmas and we are already beginning to prepare for the battle to buy the most desired toy. A battle that, in addition to spreading happiness, moves millions of euros. The toy sector is growing, and this is evident in the numbers of both consumption and online searches. During last Christmas, toy sales in Spain were 23% higher than in 2020 and 15% higher when compared to this pre-pandemic period, according to NPD. In the first eight months of 2022, the sector has invoiced 352 million euros, 7% more than the previous year. Toy stores fight year after year to fill their shelves with magic in the form of toys. Now, on a digital level, which of them is most present in the minds of Spaniards? Of more than 50 toy store websites analyzed, there are 5 that stand out for having a much higher online presence than the others: Toysrus (16.91%), Juguetilandia (13.33%), Juguettos (12.87%), Toyplanet (12.60%) and Abacus (11.26%).

Construction toys take the top spot

Each type of toy stimulates a specific skill in children and we wanted to find out what preferences Spaniards have. Are you ready? At the top top industry data of the tower, the type of toy most searched by Internet users is: Construction with 30.33% of searches. If we analyze all types of toys we see that, behind construction, dolls also have a large search volume (13.03%). With greater distance in popularity, they are followed by crafts (6.22%), stuffed animals (5.60%) and outdoor toys (5.38%). Although with a more timid popularity, the appearance of wooden toys stands out (5.23%), a type of toy that barely had a presence years ago.

LEGOs and Reborn dolls: the sensation of 2022

For years we have been witnessing great online popularity of the LEGO and Playmobil construction toy brands. LEGO’s presence is increasing every TG Numbers year, leaving many toy brands behind, and by a long shot. Furthermore, since the opening of the LEGO store in Barcelona in October 2021, monthly searches have seen a notable increase. For its part, of the top 10 toy families with the most online searches, the quantity of dolls present is surprising, but it is even more surprising that the most popular are the hyper-realistic Reborn dolls with 29.72%. They are followed by Rainbow High (12.81%), Trolls (10.60%) and My little pony (8.84%). And, surprisingly, they place Barbie (7.80%), Bratz (7.62%) and Nancy (7.26%) well below the podium.

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