Negotiate the best deal If all goes

The possibly engage an advisor to do that for you. If you want to do as much as possible yourself you can consider the following options when finding a suitable buyer own network within or outside the industry you know more people than you think events industry and business meetings there are of course many potential buyers here online takeover platform you can reach many entrepreneurs via a takeover platform investors and advisors you dont know yet Google of course you know many colleagues and competitors but also look for adjacent companies that want to take over your business banks accountants lawyers all have a large network of potentially interest buyers In takeover land it is often said one buyer is not a buyer.


So always make sure you have multiple options

Do not immiately enter into exclusive negotiations with the first Indonesia WhatsApp Number Database party. First wait for all the responses and then make a list of the to most suitable parties to enter into negotiations with. Step .well you have now check with the prospective buyers whether they have sufficient resources to purchase your marketing agency. You know why they want to buy your company and you have possibly check references from the entrepreneurs in question. On the other hand the buyer has also done his homework and through due diligence check whether all the figures and statements made by you as a seller are correct.

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The next step consists of signing

A letter of intent with a nonbinding offer from the Canada Whatsapp Number that must be negotiat. Important points are the sales price the deal structure and important guarantees. It is obvious that you do not simply enter into negotiations. You ne to think carefully about a number of things in advanc.

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