The With the Will of Whether It is in the Version of the Old Welfare State, It May Not Only Be Hasty. In the Same Haste, He Does Not Notice the Task That the Left Has: to Build This Scenario and Separate the Chaff From the Wheat So That It Does Not Result in the Establishment of a Police State. This Means Making This Reading Construct the Effective Reality of a Social State in the Face of a Pandemic That Reveals in It a Non-transferable Role: Recovering the Non-commodifiable Dimensions of Its Social Function.

Health Life In Something’s Wrong

One of His Best Essays on Social Democracy, Judt Proposes Exactly That: Developing a Left-wing Politics, Not Only Out of Ethical Imperative, but Out of Fear. Authoritarians Have Always Taken Care of It, but Fear of Future Belize WhatsApp Number List Catastrophes and Deaths Also L to the Best Democratic Social Arrangements. Isn’t That What the Left Might Think Now? The Way to Confront Fear is Security in a Broad Sense (Social Security, Public Care, Community Social Ties, Present State, Guarante Citizenship). But Fear, and Socialists Know This Well, Cannot Be the Only Vector: the Fear of Losing Rights and Social Catastrophes Cannot Build Anything by Itself.

Positive Values ​​are Necessary

That Explain Why This Order is Better to Guarantee a Community. Why Democracy is Necessary, Why and What State is Ne, Why Malaysia Whatsapp Number List They Believe in Public Health Systems, Why a Society of Equals Produces Better Results – Even in Productive and Utilitarian Terms – Than a Society of Equals. Unequal. For This, Intellectuals and Political Imagineers Will Be Necessary. Those Who Now Ask That Only “Doctors” and “Science Speak”, Because the Pressing Ne is the Coronavirus Vaccine, Are, as Leszek Kołakowski Call Them, “the Intellectuals Against the Intellect.” Those Who, Due to the Pressing Situations of the Present, Refuse to Think Imaginatively – and Rationally – About the Future.

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