How to get 10,000 subscribers for your blog with sumome + video course. Simple reasons why it is important to get subscribers. It allows you to convert your readers into subscribers. You can offer something special to your subscribers like; courses, ebooks, exclusive information, etc. After that, having a list of subscribers is having one of the best tools for selling your products, “the money is in the list.” it allows you to increase visits to your blog. Therefore, Getting visitors vs getting subscribers. As jay baer says, if we write in our blog about general topics related to our topic.

Free Makeup Samples

Free makeup samples is another good example of this brand advertising strategy. Makeup is a product that takes up very little space and is very easy to send to anyone’s home. Here I leave you an example of a free sample that the Clarins company offers as a reward when making a purchase of more than €60 and €100. clarins job function email list free sample. If we analyze the promotion we can see that it appears in a pop-up, but it only appears the first time you access the page, so it is very well thought out as a sales incentive strategy. Would you buy from this online store.

Free perfume or cosmetic samples

Free perfume or cosmetic samples. When you go to buy a perfume or a cosmetic. Therefore, there are large stores that usually give you free samples of other products so that you can get to know them. This strategy, despite being widely used, is still effective since the majority of buyers accept and appreciate TG Numbers receiving these samples. Here I give you an example of a free promotion from 2014 from Lacoste. Therefore, free sample lacoste live In the case of this Lacoste perfume, a promotion was carried out for a certain period of time.

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