The seek the path of least resistance. According to the American professor and psychologist Daniel Kahneman people are naturally looking for convenience . Humans are naturally lazy creatures. We try to waste as little energy as possible and will therefore do as much as possible on autopilot. It is therefore a lot easier to click Agree when ask whether you accept the cookie settings of a site than to first read the privacy statement carefully. And most social mia users have probably never read the associat privacy statements.

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The privacy of your website users What certainly also plays a role in this is Egypt WhatsApp Database there is now a certain privacy fatigue among consumers. People simply find it too much trouble to delve into the privacy settings every time. Optimism bias There is also what is also call an optimism bias. This is a type of cognitive bias that causes a person to believe that they are less likely to experience a negative event themselves. You see something as a risk but think that it will not happen to you so quickly.  gender ethnicity nationality and age. Scientific research has shown that there are factors that can cause such a bias.

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The information he has about Sweden Phone Number and others His general mood The optimism bias occurs for example in people who believe that they have a lower risk of becoming a victim of a crime. Or smokers who believe that they are less likely to contract lung cancer than other smokers. Although the optimism bias occurs for both positive events such as the belief that you are more financially successful than others and negative events such as less chance of a drinking problem it appears that the bias is stronger for negative events call the valence effect. Different consequences flow from these two types of events. Positive events often lead to feelings.

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