The learn from this This exercise sharpens your ability to write prompts whose answers evoke emotions. You learn to think of specific scenarios or questions that evoke strong feelings. This is essential for creating compelling and engaging responses. 6. Perspective Play You can play with perspectives. Come up with a prompt together and then write it each from a different perspective. what a first day at work is like at your company. A colleague chooses the first person and promptly enters.


How did I feel on my first day

At my new employer Another colleague chooses the third person and writes the prompt as Argentina WhatsApp Number Database How did she feel on her first day with her new employer Share the outcome with each other. This way you can see what playing with perspectives does for your answers from ChatGPT. What do you learn from this This exercise teaches you how the choice of perspective influences the interpretation and experience of a story. Plus how to use different perspectives to write more nuanc and versatile prompts that encourage vari and indepth responses. Also read ChatGPT this is how you write prompts for optimal results 7. Prompt Spe Dating Everyone writes a prompt on a card. Every few minutes switch cards and add ideas to the prompt on the new card.


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This way you can make the prompt

Even more concrete complete or creative. Example of the start prompt UK Email List if trees could talk Addition and they reveal the secrets of the forest Finally everyone gets a card and you enter the full prompt. Share that and the outcome with your colleagues. What do you learn from this This quick brainstorming technique promotes creativity and spontaneity. By quickly switching between different prompts you practice quickly generating ideas and adapting existing concepts. This helps you to be flexible and resourceful in your questions. 8. Keyword Bingo Make a list of random words. Each colleague must write a prompt that includes all of these words.

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