The a permanent subscription or contract on a project basis. This way you create recurring turnover which significantly increases the prictability of your marketing agency. Or can you sell additional products or services to current customers. Reactivate inactive customers Optimize working capital. You can take roughly actions to improve the composition of working capital better monitor accounts receivable optimize inventories and negotiate tighter conditions with suppliers. A good way for marketing agencies to further optimize working capital is to let customers pay their invoices earlier.

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Determine the value of your company Its probably the first question you ask Iceland WhatsApp Number Database what is my company worth Books have been written about this but I will give you a simple explanation here. The value of a company is the result of a calculation.  in this. In short the value of a company is mainly determin by what a buyer thinks he can earn with that company in the future. This is compar to his investment and an assessment of the risks he thinks he is running. The buyer looks at at least aspects. Gross profit how much profit does the company make The average of the past years is often taken into account.

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The turnover Is it oneoff turnover or Brazil Whatsapp Number orders Or even better fix subscriptions Entrepreneur dependence how decisive is the current owner for the success of the company Calculate value with a formula In practice the value of a company is often express in a simple formula as a factor times the gross profit. In SMEs this factor also call multiple is on average between and times the gross profit. In the mia advertising and communications sector to which a marketing agency belongs an indicative bandwidth of the EBITDA multiple of . to . is us according to the most recent Brookz.

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